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"An mission to succeed!" ~ Plory and Yoop

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Due to endless spam of the other Plory and Yoop wiki, this wiki was made because of that. This is the official Plory And Yoop Wiki!

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Note: Please read the rules before editing anything because this is important and the other Plory and Yoop Wiki.

  • No spam or vandalism. If you spam, you'll be blocked.
  • No Plory and Yoop haters allowed. If you want go rant about Plory and Yoop, go to the unofficial Plory and Yoop Wiki.
  • No arguments in the comments.
  • No inappropriate stuff such as sex, vulgar language, and extreme violence.
  • Put pictures in the pages if they're Plory and Yoop-related.
  • Don't make pages that are not Plory and Yoop-related.
  • Don't make pages that are fake. There's an Plory and Yoop FanWiki out now.

What's Plory and Yoop?

Plory and Yoop are characters that appeared in i-Ready lessons in 2015. Plory and Yoop teaches kids about Math, Reading, Social Studies, and more! There's (reportedly) 200 lessons of Plory and Yoop appearing.

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